'A lot of acceleration, surprisingly fast! A lot of fun'
Astronaut, Tim Peake, BBCs The One Show

'Its really sleek, looks great and very speedy'
Howard Stableford, BBCs Tomorrow's World Live

'It's about three times quicker than the C5'
Richard Westcott, BBC news worldwide

'It could even get Clarkson excited about cycling' Gizmodo


'Iris eTrike offers the comfort of a tiny car while remaining eco-friendly' Digitaltrends


'It’s a futuristic pod that goes around using muscle and electric power' Autorevolution


'This sleek and aerodynamic e-trike offers enhanced speed'
Interesting Engineering


'The IRIS etrike puts the electric tricycle in a sculptural shell' Designboom


'A Sleek and Efficient Design' Treehugger

IRIS eTrike® superfast, cooler, safer cycling

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  • The World's Fastest, street legal (