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Grant's Family History instagram page shows a selection of ground breaking historical products invented by his uncle, Sir Clive Sinclair from 1966 to 2016. Grant Sinclair began his career in 1981 (age 9) demonstrating a suite of Psion software applications on the Sinclair ZX81 at the 4th Personal Computer World show, London. Later he demonstrated the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (the best selling personal computer series in the World for some time) to a large exhibition crowd. He continued to work part-time for his uncle's company Sinclair Research for several years (inventors of the worlds first pocket calculator, worlds first low cost digital watch, worlds first pocket TV and worlds first flat screen TV), before working for his father's company, where he helped with electronics and introduced various computer systems and software including Quark Express DTP (desktop publishing) and later Alias Auto Studio CAID (computer aided industrial design) automotive software. As well as working for the family businesses, Grant was also involved with other Cambridge based technology companies such as Acorn Computers who supported Grant’s early computing in 1982 by supplying him with free BBC Micro computers (the BBC Micro computer dominated the UK educational computer market during the 1980s). In addition Grant was involved with Tadpole Computers in 1988 - a Cambridge manufacturer of rugged UNIX workstations, thin client laptops and lightweight servers. Some of Grant’s early design work experience came about from being his father’s design assistant, as his father designed many consumer products including over 100 gaming consoles (together with a very early wearable device in 1990 which was a digital watch with integrated UVB sun sensor) for Saitek Ltd of Hong Kong. After spending time studying business studies in Cambridge, Grant joined his fathers business full time in 1991 as production manager and later became sales and marketing manager, forming a small sales team who UK manufactured and sold Sinclair products in millions of units. Grant launched his own products which include IRIS eTrike® - a fully enclosed commuter ebike that headlined Tomorrow’s World in 2018 and POCO™ - a pocket gaming computer kit based on the Raspberry Pi® computer board that previewed on BBC news in 2018.

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