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'We haven't seen the name Sinclair on a computer for decades, but that's about to change.' BBC


'Perfect for encouraging the next generation of computer whiz kids. Build your own and start gaming.' Reuters

'POCO is a DIY handheld Pi-powered computer and games console. Install RetroPie and you can even immerse yourself in mobile Speccy retro-gaming bliss.' Stuff

'Small, stylish and full of possibilities. Sufficiently fast for all kinds of classics.' Gaming Gadgets

'The Poco is a new kit that lets owners snap together a programmable handheld video-game player.' Spectrum IEEE

'The premium maker kit, from inventor Grant Sinclair, includes everything needed to build a gaming computer & action cam straight out of the box!'. Design Products & Applications


'Raspberry Pi enthusiasts or gamers looking to learn a little more about the awesome mini PC, may be interested in the POCO'. Geeky Gadgets

POCO™ Pocket Raspberry Pi Gaming Kit Computer

SKU: poco-kit
  • POCO™ Zero is a snap-fit DIY kit with everything you need to build 4 exciting gadgets from one pocketable device within minutes:

    Includes a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W (quad-core) board or Raspberry Pi Zero W (single-core) board with Bluetooth + Wi-Fi pre-soldered inside. Version without Pi board also available for those who wish to solder in their own Zero W or 2W.

    Download and play 1000s of native + emulated* (new/classic) games e.g Gameboy™, Genesis™, NES™,  ZX Spectrum™, BBC Micro™, Amiga™.

    3) ACTION CAMERA 120°
    Compatible with various standard action mounts e.g. bike, car, tripod (1/4-20 UNC thread).

    Built-in miniature amp and loudspeaker or use your own Bluetooth or wired headphones.