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POCO™ - Pocket Raspberry Pi® Gaming Kit

As seen on Reuters worldwide and BBC television news.
Latest version with wide angle camera: samples now shipping.

Fun, educational self-build computer kit

Two part body construction, snap fit kit is easy to assemble in around 30 minutes (no soldering required) and includes everything needed to build a pocket computer straight out of the box. E.g a pre-soldered Raspberry Pi® zero W, TFT display with touch, Daughterboard PCB, action cam, speaker, rechargeable battery, silicone keypads, micro SD card, stylus, body casing, screws & allen key. POCO™ is crammed to the max with high technology that can be shoe horned inside its compact body. Learn how a micro computer works on the inside and outside (simple instruction manual included).

Make a mini Gaming computer

Download a free emulator such as RetroPie to turn the POCO™ into a retro gaming machine which can emulate 50+ classic game consoles with thousands of games available*. Alternatively use PICO-8, a fantasy console for making, sharing and playing tiny native games and other computer programs - games can be built inside a single school lesson using collaboration from different pupils and even different schools. Programmable gaming controls including tactile silicone rubber joypads and multiple push buttons, allow infinite possibilities.

Make an ultra thin music or media player

Download a free music player such as RuneAudio or a free media player such as Kodi and play sound via POCO's built in speaker or 3.5mm jack socket (accepts standard ear bud headphones). Store data on removable microSD cards (8Gb card included). A built-in stand (also grip for gaming) allows dockless recharging in upright position.

Make a compact Action camera

Use pre-installed camera software to create a 120° wide angle action cam, car dash cam, bike cam and wearable time lapse cam. Playback full HD video and photo content on POCO's built-in 2.8" screen or instead plug into an HDTV using POCO's HDMI. A standard action mount accepts 1/4-20 UNC camera accessories. 

Teach yourself coding

Use command line input or instead use free programmes such as Scratch - a visual programming tool with a drag-and-drop interface that allows the user to create animations, games and stories to share with others around the world. POCO™ is essentially a full functional PC that can be expanded into a full size computer by simply plugging into an HDTV and adding a keyboard and mouse (built-in bluetooth and Wi-Fi supports wireless peripherals).

Hackable - easy to modify

Download free software and get hardware ideas from the vast Raspberry Pi® blog resource and learn to tinker on the go. What can you turn POCO™ into?


The POCO™ - Pocket Raspberry Pi Gaming Kit was created by Grant Sinclair after being inspired by a combination of historical Sinclair kit products together with handheld consoles such as the hugely successful Game Boy from Nintendo.

Matt white engineered polymer
Rechargeable Lithium Polymer 3000 mAh (approx 3 year shelf life). Power-on time, approx 3-5 hours, depending on use
2.8 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen. 240x320 pixel resolution
OmniVision OV5647 5-megapixel Autofocus CMOS with 120 degree wide angle lens
Pre-soldered Raspberry Pi zero W includes: Broadcom BCM2835. 1 GHz single-core ARM11 (32-bit). Internal memory: 512 MB
Dual 2.2 Watts
Dynamic with 1W sound handling (mutes when headphones inserted)
Twin 4-way direction gaming keypads on front with twin L+R push buttons on rear. Five programmable function keys allow infinite possibilities
8Gb MicroSD card (included)
2x micro USB (as standard Raspberry Pi zero W). 1x micro USB-C port for charging. Mini HDMI port for external HDTV playback. Standard 3.5mm headphone port
PRODUCT size & weight
105.8 x 82.08 x 12mm, 102 grams
PACK size & weight
113 x 82 x 23mm, 55 grams (exc. product)
Please observe and respect software copyright law in your territory before downloading software from sites such as retropie.org.uk and emulationstation.org
Grant Sinclair, Cardiff UK 2020. Raspberry Pi® is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
currency conversion is approximate & exact totals may vary

"Poco is a Creative tool that can become what you want it to" HowieB (electronic musician and producer)