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Poco® micro computer launches to world-wide press acclaim

“This looks cool”  Jason Bradbury, The Gadget Show


“Can Clive Sinclair’s nephew add a page to computer history?”  IDG Connect


"Poco is a Creative tool that can become what you want it to be" HowieB (Wolf of Wall Street track producer, trip hop godfather and producer for Björk, Tricky, RyCooder, Annie Lennox and more).


"As you would expect from a Sinclair product, it looks very cool". Hermann Hauser (founder of ARM, a company who have sold over 50 Billion micro processors and Acorn Computers - whose BBC Micro computers dominated the UK educational computer market during the 1980s)


‘Sinclair - Generations of Micro Men from Silicon Fen’  ARM


‘This Raspberry Pi handheld wants to be every gadget in the world - Someone crammed a Raspberry Pi, a ton of sensors and a touchscreen into a case the size of a credit card’  Engadget


‘Poco serves as actioncam, multimedia player, gaming machine and more’  Gizmag


‘Inventor Sir Clive Sinclair's nephew launches Poco microcomputer’  Marketing Magazine


‘What do you get for the geek that has everything? How about a tiny little computer that does, or at least wants to do, everything?’  Stuff


‘Sinclair turns Raspberry Pi into a consumer handheld. Raspberry Pi has been used in the design of its first consumer handheld, a credit-card sized micro-computer from Sinclair, one of the most famous UK brands in computing.’  Electronics Weekly


Pocket Sized Poco Games Console, Action Camera And More Powered By A Raspberry Pi‘  Geeky Gadgets


‘Sinclair: the next generation? Sir Clive's nephew launches new computer’  Cambridge News


‘Sinclair designs miniature hackable “super-computer”  Design Week




‘Poco este un ”supercomputer” de mărimea unui card de credit’  Playtech


如何才能享受最粹的趣?Poco 是个好选择

‘How can we enjoy the most pure programming fun? Poco might be a good choice’  ifanr


‘Mini-supercomputer Poco's smartphone, Fitness Tracker, in a Actioncam’  Curved.de


‘Poco, un superordenador multifunción en tu bolsillo’  Omnicrono


‘Raspberry Pi für die Hosentasche: Poco ist ein Multifunktions-Gadget in Kreditkartengröße’  T3N


‘This Rasberry Pi handheld desires to be each gadget in the globe’  Technology 2015


‘Poco Supercomputer – a multi-function, Pi gadget for under R5,400.’  My Broadband


‘Al je gadgets in één: Poco Supercomputer is een Raspberry Pi alleskunner’  NumRush


‘Poco, il microcomputer con Raspberry Pi grande come una carta di credito’  Tom’s Hardware: the authority on Tech