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POCO™ - Pocket Raspberry Pi® Gaming Kit as seen on BBC and Reuters worldwide ! 

’The Sinclair POCO: Build your own and start gaming.'  Reuters


’We haven’t seen the name Sinclair on a computer for decades, but that’s about to change.'  BBC 


’The Strange and Twisted Tale of the Poco Handheld Computer'  IEEE Spectrum


’The POCO is a DIY handheld Pi-powered computer and games console. Chip off the old block'  Stuff


’Sinclair invention gene rides again.'  Electronics Weekly


’Small, chic and versatile - the Poco Pocket Gaming Kit from Grant Sinclair is a handheld console for hobbyists.'  Gaming Gadgets


’Such a gaming kit can have an extremely educational value.'  Pure PC


’Raspberry Pi enthusiasts or gamers looking to learn a little more about the awesome mini PC, may be interested in the POCO Pocket Raspberry Pi gaming kit'  Geeky Gadgets


’Meet Poco: A Raspberry Pi Based Maker Kit for Retro Gaming Machines'  electronics 360


’Buy yourself a pocket Raspberry Pi gaming kit!'  Design Products & Applications


IRIS eTrike® headlines Tomorrow's World Live: For One Night Only BBC

’Howard Stableford meets inventor Grant Sinclair and Iris, his battery-powered electric trike.'  Tomorrow's World Live: For One Night Only


’Television has become exponentially slicker since Tomorrow’s World charmed generations of viewers, instilling in many an enduring fascination with science....an interview with the inventor of an updated version of the Clive Sinclair C5 – who also happened to be Sinclair’s nephew and the long-lost twin of Kylo Ren from Star Wars.'  The Telegraph


IRIS eTrike® news 


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This sleek and aerodynamic e-trike offers enhanced speed via @GrantSinclairFuturist

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’30 ans après son invention, cette voiture électrique à pédale est enfin en vente'  detours


’Scottish invention in Sinclair bloodline'  The Herald


Very nice review of IRIS eTrike® at The Cycle Show in issue 53 of Velo Vision Magazine :

IRIS eTrike® article Velovision Magazine Issue 53

IRIS eTrike® on bouncy Japan:



Footage of IRIS eTrike® and an interview with Grant at Smarter Travel Live! 2017:



IRIS eTrike® on the Street of the Future:



IRIS eTrike® is at The Cycle Show: Birmingham NEC 21st-24th September. Find us on Coyote Sports (Tannus Airless Tire) stand G43:



'We are very pleased to announce that our IRIS eTrike® has been chosen for the final round of the prestigious Eurobike award 2017 !

 Eurobike is the world's leading trade fair for the cycling industry - 1,350 exhibitors from 48 countries show at the fair so we are particularly pleased to have been short listed for the award. 


'The IRIS e-trike will debut at Eurobike 2017'  BikeBiz


'The new Tesla Model 3 seems by far the best option, but when it comes to price, that’s still a lot for your average city dweller. Thankfully, a U.K. based company named Grant Sinclair Design Ltd has come with a better solution…'  Autoevolution


’Velovision interview with Grant'  Velovision


'Tannus tyres to feature on new Sinclair e-trike'  BikeBiz


'Tesla Model 3...when it comes to price, that's still a lot for your average city dweller....a better solution...the IRIS eTrike'  Autoevolution


’Cool electric assisted trike IRIS eTrike'  bouncy japan


IRIS eTrike® launches on BBC television 2017:


'It could even get Clarkson excited about cycling'  Gizmodo


'Sinclairs back on the road on new eTrike'  Scotsman


'Can modern incarnation of C5 succeed?'  BBC television


'Inventor hopes eTrike will succeed where uncle's Sinclair failed'  Reuters




'The Most Incredible Trike Ever Made'  Unreal World


'Fully-enclosed IRIS eTrike is an electric assist velomobile with a 50-mile range'  Treehugger


'Clive Sinclair's nephew creates a C5 for today'  New Atlas 


'Iris eTrike from Sinclair'  Prestige Electric car 


Poco® micro computer launches to world-wide press acclaim 2016:




'This looks cool'  Jason Bradbury, The Gadget Show


'Can Clive Sinclair’s nephew add a page to computer history?'  IDG Connect


'Poco is a Creative tool that can become what you want it to be'  HowieB (Wolf of Wall Street track producer, trip hop godfather and producer for Björk, Tricky, RyCooder, Annie Lennox and more).


'As you would expect from a Sinclair product, it looks very cool'.  Hermann Hauser (founder of ARM, a company who have sold over 50 Billion micro processors and Acorn Computers - whose BBC Micro computers dominated the UK educational computer market during the 1980s)


‘Sinclair - Generations of Micro Men from Silicon Fen’  ARM


‘This Raspberry Pi handheld wants to be every gadget in the world - Someone crammed a Raspberry Pi, a ton of sensors and a touchscreen into a case the size of a credit card’  Engadget


‘Poco serves as actioncam, multimedia player, gaming machine and more’  Gizmag


‘Inventor Sir Clive Sinclair's nephew launches Poco microcomputer’  Marketing Magazine


‘What do you get for the geek that has everything? How about a tiny little computer that does, or at least wants to do, everything?’  Stuff


‘Sinclair turns Raspberry Pi into a consumer handheld. Raspberry Pi has been used in the design of its first consumer handheld, a credit-card sized micro-computer from Sinclair, one of the most famous UK brands in computing.’  Electronics Weekly


Pocket Sized Poco Games Console, Action Camera And More Powered By A Raspberry Pi‘  Geeky Gadgets


‘Sinclair: the next generation? Sir Clive's nephew launches new computer’  Cambridge News


‘Sinclair designs miniature hackable “super-computer”  Design Week




‘Poco este un ”supercomputer” de mărimea unui card de credit’  Playtech


如何才能享受最粹的趣?Poco 是个好选择

‘How can we enjoy the most pure programming fun? Poco might be a good choice’  ifanr


‘Mini-supercomputer Poco's smartphone, Fitness Tracker, in a Actioncam’  Curved.de


‘Poco, un superordenador multifunción en tu bolsillo’  Omnicrono


‘Raspberry Pi für die Hosentasche: Poco ist ein Multifunktions-Gadget in Kreditkartengröße’  T3N


‘Al je gadgets in één: Poco Supercomputer is een Raspberry Pi alleskunner’  NumRush


‘Poco, il microcomputer con Raspberry Pi grande come una carta di credito’  Tom’s Hardware: the authority on Tech