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POCO™ Zero (credit card size) kit console for the Raspberry Pi® zero v1.2, 1.3 or W required

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Fun, educational self-build kit

Two part construction, self build kit is easy to assemble with minimal soldering required. POCO is crammed to the max with high technology that can be shoe horned inside its compact body. Learn how a micro computer works on the inside and outside - simple video assembly instructions available online.

Make a mini Gaming console

Download a free emulator such as RetroPie to turn the POCO into a retro gaming machine which can emulate 50 classic game consoles with thousands of games available. Alternatively play native games such as Minecraft® (ideal for school clubs). Programmable gaming controls including tactile analogue joysticks and multiple push buttons, allow infinite possibilities.

Make an ultra thin music player

Download a free music player such as RuneAudio which can play sound via POCO's built in speaker or 3.5mm jack socket (accepts standard ear bud headphones). Store music on microSD cards.

Teach yourself coding

Use command line input or instead use free programmes such as Scratch - a visual programming tool with a drag-and-drop interface that allows the user to create animations, games and stories to share with others around the world.

Hackable - easy to modify

Download free software and get hardware ideas from the vast Raspberry Pi® blog resource and learn to tinker on the go. What can you turn POCO into? Maker examples here.

Become a Pro Maker

The flat pack kit comes with touch screen display, rechargeable battery, daughterboard PCB, mini amplifier, micro speaker, switches, micro USB hub and joysticks. Requires a Raspberry Pi® zero module v1.2, 1.3 or W.

Matt white engineered polymer
Built-in rechargeable 3.7 volt Li-Po with approx 3 year shelf life
2.8 inch 240 (RGB) x 320 pixels TFT
Broadcom BCM2835. 1 GHz single-core ARM11 (32-bit). Memory: 512 MB
Dual 2.2W with stereo headphone function
Dynamic with 1W sound handling
Twin 4-way direction analogue joystick with centre push switch function. Four extra programmable gaming push button controls (L+R and A+B)
MicroSD card (sold separately)
Micro USB hub (3 ports). Mini HDMI port for external HDTV playback. Standard 3.5mm headphone port
85.6 x 54 x 9mm (credit card form factor)
60 grams
CD size (120x120x20mm). Weight: 85 grams
G Sinclair, London UK 2017. Raspberry Pi® is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
€81 $91
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'Poco is a Creative tool that can become what you want it to be' HowieB (electronic musician and producer)

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